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Improve your website SEO, raise your profile on social media, keep customers/clients informed, build trust with prospects, and grow authority with business networks

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Blogging takes a lot of commitment to get right and there's a very high learning curve, but for my clients, the Stefferati, blogging is quick, simple and incredibly effective

I'll build you a blog that sits under your domain

Then send you regular email reminders to get writing!

Jot down your raw thoughts and email them over to me

I'll edit your words for spelling, grammar and SEO

And find a eyecatching licensed image to go with it

I'll add the bells & whistles to turn it into a blog post

And publish it on your blog the very next morning!

I share it, you share it, many of my other clients share it!

Then you respond to comments, phone calls and emails!

You needn't get wrapped up in that time-consuming, sometimes confusing, far too technical, I'm just too busy, it isn't working for me so why am I bothering, oh my goodness, what have I just posted, how do I delete it again sort of stuff ... because I do it all for you!


Core blog with weekly blog post editing, basic colour scheme and branding, full social integration, dashboard to monitor every aspect of your blog. Single contributor



Same as my bronze package but with a design to match your website and a custom 0333 phone number to track your phone enquiries. Multiple contributors.



Same as my silver package but with my news service to search your industry publications for interesting blog posts, news articles and other content you can share


The pricing shown is a per monthly subscription. There are no upfront fees, just start your payments when your first blog post is published. Minimum commitment of six months then a monthly rolling agreement. You can choose your invoice date to suit your cashflow, either the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st or 28th of the month. All invoices are due payment on receipt and are delivered electronically

I have other features that can be added to your blog. These include daily social media sharing and weekly email newsletters for just £75 per month each, or £50 per month each if taken together

I can write your blog posts for you (just £25 extra per post) and even wrap a website around your blog then copywrite/SEO the pages!

Use the left and right arrows to see more images. Move your mouse over the larger image and click the magnifying glass to open the high-resolution lightbox.

A complete online marketing ecosystem that combines the best of wordpress, hootsuite and mailchimp all in one place? What's not to like about that?

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WhosOn Offline

0333 335 0420

Inspirational developer and entrepreneur, using her 21 years experience in technical and the creative industries to help small businesses to prosper